Glass Staircase

The glass staircase are becoming more and more common thing and growing faster with the trend. It is manufactured by using the combination of 10 mm float and 25 mm float laminated together. Doing in a natural daylight but should not direct towards the sun and it have visible moisture on the glass surface. 

The glass staircases treads with the LED lights, steal strings and glass balustrade all fitted together to make a strong & beautiful staircase is ready to compliment.

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This centre-string Glass and Oak staircase was made relying on a steel core for relative stiffness and strength.

Ultra Clear Glass balustrade and European Oak finished with a high quality stain.

This Glass and Steel Staircase was manufactured with the look of the surrounding area in mind.

The Glass treads with led lights,steal strings and glass balustrade all fit together to make a strong and beautiful glass staircase ready to compliment the home.

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