Vector 70

Modular stairs: Vector are made of steel modules and railing available in the following colours: WHITE, GRAY, BLACK. Steps and handrails are made of massive beech with natural finish. The other plastics-made partsfor this kit staircase are finished in grey. Self assembly staircase that reflects the diy market

Model Vector 70 : The Vector 70 range of staircases are modular flights that can be built in a vast choice of layouts. The Vector is available with either 1 turn (L) or 2 turns (U). 740 wide

Metalwork colour : Black-Gray/silver-White

Tread colour : Natural beech-Dark walnut stain

Price range: £2150 including vat at 20%

Extra tread : £160 including vat at 20%

Riser bars: £145 including vat at 20%

External kits : £135 including vat at 20%

Balustrade : £180 including vat at 20%

The Stairs Company : Vector 70

The Stairs Company : Vector 70

The Stairs Company : Vector 70

The extra tread kit allows greater heights than standard to be reached. The kit includes hand rail and spindles to one side of the tread.

Riser bars are used to meet british building regulations for an open rise

1 M railing kit for landings

These kits are used to go on the side of the staircase if both 1 side fof the staircase is not against a wall. Please se the picture for the quantity required or call us if you are unsure.

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